Field Industries LLC                          Email:                  Phone:  832.736.1839

6620 Dixie Drive

Houston, Texas 77087

About Us

Field Industries is a 1-stop shop for steel & alloy materials.  We consolidate and distribute steel and alloy flanges, fittings, pipe, fasteners, plate, heads, structural steel, and related materials.  Our strategic supply agreements, consolidation / packaging capabilities, and in-house logistics result in us providing a faster, cheaper, and better solution than our competition. Field Industries achieves this while maintaining unmatched quality.  Our material complies with various national and international standards, including ASME, ANSI, NACE, API, AWWA, DIN, JIS and customer-provided specifications.

President / General Manager

Phone:  832.736.1839

Jared Field

Vice President of Marketing

Phone: 832.736.1839 

Direct:  713.568.0204

James Torres

Vice President of Sales

Phone:  832.736.1839

Direct:   713.568.0203

Zach Kitchens

Business Development

Phone:  832.736.1839

Direct:   713.568.0202

Ricky Licon

Inside Sales Associate

Phone:  832.736.1839

Direct:   713.568.0206

Nikki Balsano

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